Friday, June 6, 2014

Parallel Final

Artist Create Origional Art:

If I had to rate myself out of 4 in terms of how origional my final peice was, I would give myself a 4. I really enjoyed making this peice and I love the colors. I also feel it's very origional since I could not make that exact copy of the peice again. 

Artists Learn From Mistakes:

If I had to rate myself out of 4 in terms of how well I learned from my mistakes, I would give myself a 4 out of 4. The reason being is since I practiced a lot and made many mistakes (like in the first photo) but then it turned out to make my peice even better (like in the last photo)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lidded Vessel

Lidded Vessel:

Artist Create Origional Art: 

If I had to give myself a rating out of 4 in terms of how creative and origional this peice is, I would give myself a 4. The reason I would give myself a 4 is because I made this lidded vessel completely abstract which is something I don't think can be repeated easily, which is also why I consider it origional.

Artists learn art making skills:

If I had to rate myself out of 4 in terms of how well I learned new techniques and processes, I would give myself a 4. The reason I would give myself a 4 is because I feel I learned a new type of technique in that I sculpted an entire chunk of clay rather than starting with it flat and then making the shape of the peice. I really enjoyed the outcome! 

Lidded Mini Vessels

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wearable Art

For this project I made two clay peices as a part of a necklace. In this project we were suppost to make wearable art that told a story, in my wearable art the story is engraved in the art itself. It says 'love is love' and 'equality for all' in the two peices. Also, the two peices together make an equals sign which symbolizes equality, another part of the story of this peice. 

Artists Collaborate:

If I had to rate myself out of 4 in terms of how well I shared ideas and knowledge, or got help, I would rate myself a 3.5 because I asked for help a lot in terms of how I should color both sides of the peice to show simplicity of the message I was trying to convey. I also received helpful feed back from some people I have asked also.

Artists Solve Problems:

If I had to rate myself out of 4 in terms of how well I tried to use my mistakes as learning opportunities I would give myself a 4 because I origionally wanted my peice/necklace to be much larger, but I kept messing up which made it get smaller and smaller. In the final outcome of the peice I really enjoyed the sizing of the peice. I also really liked how the words came out, besides that I messed up on some of the letters, it made it look more origional. 

Here is the final product! Both sides.


Artists Create Origional Art:

If I had to rate myself out of 4 in terms of how well I thought creatively and debeloped origional ideas I would give myself a 3.5 because in my peice I broke one of them on purpose to make it look more textured in the components of 'relief' work. I also think I thought origionally since I made very abstract, origional lines in my peice.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:

If I had to rate myself out of 4 in terms of how well I learned new techniques and processes I would give myself a 4 because throughout the process of trying to give texture/relief to both of these peices I used the back of a dish scrubber for texture rather than the regular clay tools. I found this to have worked much better.

Also, here's the two peices together! & there is an extra photo of one of the peices to show the relief work in better lighting.

Famous Sculptor

Clement Meadmore:

Born: February 9,1929
Deceased: April 19, 2005

Clement Meadmore is from Melbourne, Australia. He studied Industrial Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He later moved to Sydney Australia, and then to New York City after becoming a U.S Citizen. He makes sculptures, specifically ceramics and metals. I chose this Artist because his peices are so large, yet simple and complex. The shapes are simple, but the sizing of the peices make them complex, which is very interesting to see.

Finished Perspective

Artists Develop Art Making Skills: If I had to rate myself out of four in terms of how well I gained skills with familiar materials, or how well I learned new techniques and processes as a part of the work for this project I would give myself a 4 out of 4. The reason being is that I came up with the idea of using cardboard and plastic wrap (what was next to the chalk peices in the packaging) rather than using paper towels. I used the two new materials since they didn't erode away as fast as paper towels did on the brick walls, but they all gave different texture and ways of using the materials towards different techniques of maintaining that texture. For examples in the sunrise, and in the tree's leaves.

Artists Collaborate: If I had to give myself a rating out of 4 in terms of how well I shared ideas/knowledge, teach, help, and critique I would give myself a 4 out of four, I feel that I helped my group become more productive in the quality of our over all peice by adding and helping others add details or colors to provide more contrast in parts of peice. 

This project was really fun to do, and I really enjoyed working on it, especially with my group members! Hope you enjoyed it :)

Parallel Intro

So for this project we were to use something in the news and make art that symbolized that article or story in some type of way. I chose the story of a child who was kidnapped for 11 years, and these are just ideas of my peice, or 'practice' sketches. I decided to finger paint the colors on since that's symbolic of what a child would do, but in my idea of the final peice I want there to be an outline silhouette of the child trapped on a swing, but this part would have no corpor, just black or white, and then there would be color surrounding the peice, and them black drips of paint coming down near the end of finishing the peice.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Perspective Snapshot Sketch

This is my groups sketch for the perspective project. We decided to incorporate four different pictures to meld into one photo. Alaskan mountains (left), Egyptian pyramids (middle left), Beach lighthouse (middle right), and Florida beach (right). We decided to use all four photos and connected them with a continuous path in each photo. We used perspective by making the framing of the picture look as if it was coming out of the wall, and also used demension/perspective in the individual pictures themselves. I'm excited to see how it will turn out!

Time as an Element Pt. 2

Artist Create Origional Art:

-think creatively 
-develop origional ideas 

If I had to rate myself out of four in the project which used time as an element, in terms of creating origional art, I would give myself a 3.5. I think my peice is most definately origional in it's over all look, but I do think there is always room to improve on those ideas to make them even more creative. I'm definately very satisfied with how this turned out!

Artist take risks:

-try new experiences/media

If I had to rate my peice out of four, in terms of taking risks, I would give myself a 3.5. I think I took a huge risk in painting over wax which I have never done, which caused problems such as cracking, or difficulty making the gradient of dark to light smooth and consistent, but overall I think that taking that risk allowed my peice to be more creative as a whole. It also taught me to be more accepting of taking risks in my art, but also, I could always learn of better ways to take these risks to the 'next level' to improve the quality/creativity of my art even more.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Unconventional Materials Challenge

So for this project I was given the materials of an old book, I carved into it so a phone and a mirror could fit in, so my topic was fear. I incorporated this topic by writing the definition of what fear is, and incorporating that subject with school by using a book, so I wrote what the fear of school is, also I tied everything together by adding a famous quote made by FDR about fear. I used the mirror and the phone section carved into the book since if someone was afraid of school they would try to escape by going on their phone or doing their hair or makeup in class instead of doing work since they are 'afraid of school'. 

Artists have a global awareness of art making: if I had to rate myself out of four of how well I used this skill in my peice I would give myself a 3 out of 4 considering I don't know of all the ways of using a book in my unconventional materials challenge, which limited my ability to make my peice more creatively, but I'm very satisfied of how it turned out.

Artists solve problems: If I had to rate how well I solved problems in this peice I would give myself a 4, it's not perfect but I think I have overcome a lot of challenges throughout the making of this piece such as the size of the carvings for the phone peice, along with other things. I feel I overcame these problems by creating ideas that solved them much better than regular solutions.

Artists take risks: if I had to rate this element in my peice I would give myself a 4 out of 4 since I have never used a book as an element in my peice, so I would consider that a huge risk. and I feel I did the best I could in terms of the quality of the carvings in my peice for the first time. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Time as an element

This is one of two other peices I have made by incorporating the usage of time in my peice. I first dripped hot wax down the canvas which created layering, and I changed the angle of the way the wax dripped on the canvas to have more control on how far down the wax fell on the canvas. I then painted over the wax with gradient, gradually getting lighter on this peice. It also created more texture by doing this when I painted over the wax, it melded together in a way I really love, it looks like it is cracking. I really enjoyed everything about making these peices. If I were to rate out of 4 the creativity in this peice I would give myself a 4. By my original idea I would give it a 3, but as I worked on the piece, different factors played into how the finished peice looked which I found was much more creative in how it turned out. If I were to rate the quality of this piece, I would give myself a 3 out of four. Specifically on the first peice  I didn't have as much skill with the gradient of colors than I did in my later peices. Overall I really enjoyed the outcome!

Vessel! :)

This is my vessels peice I made in Sculpture Class. I think it turned out better than I thought it would but I can always make higher quality peices after more experience with the materials (in this case I used wire) I think if I had to rate how creative I was in this I would probably give myself a 2 or a 3 since I tried to be different in the sense that making this peice wasn't entirely filled in like a regular vessel that could hold liquid would, but I do think that I could have done better in the aspect of making it more original as my own peice of art, for example I could have possibly added in extraneous things to make it more creative and colorful. If I had to rate myself on how well I would say the quality of my peice was I would give myself a 3, I think, considering my experience with wire (before this, almost none) I did better than I thought I could in the aspect of it not looking sloppy, but I also think with my experience now I could do a lot better if I were to do it again! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Illustration Friday: Space

For illustration Friday we did space for this week, I thought it was really fun to make, and I'm pleased with how this painting turned out! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snapshot #2

5. Artist collaborate.
-Try new things

Did someone help you understand important information or inspire you? 

Yes, I was actually inspired to make this project when Mr. Sands was showing a PowerPoint of ideas in understanding Appropriation concepts better. In one of the power points there was the use of a Barbie in one of the pieces of art, so I was challenged to expirement with ideas that may work well with the word Barbie, and I figured to make a pepsi logo with a Barbie twist and call it 'barbsi' and it worked!

6. Artists solve problems
-try alternative solutions
-use mistakes as learning opportunities

How did you respond to the challenges that occurred as you worked?

I responded to multiple challenges in my work. When I was working on the 'barbsi' logo, which was suppost to be similar to a pepsi can, but also with a touch of girly/Barbie color to give me the 'barbsi' product, I was challenged to make the logo of the 'barbsi' can as similar to the pepsi logo as I could. Throughout beg fining the logo, I realized that it was going to be extremely challenging to make the logo with fine lines, which I could not do by the usage of paint brushes. Instead, I learned to figure out that using a mechanical pencil would be the best alternative solution in making the logo as fine and detailed as I could possibly make it by using the given materials I was able to use, which were mechanical pencils and acrylic paint.

7. Artist Reflect.
-analyze and work progress

When did you step back and analyze your work during this project? 

I was able to self reflect and analyze my work many times throughout this project. I did in the beggining, when I was challenged what type of logo and what colors to use. I also analyzed this project during the middle of the project when I was able to find an alternative solution to painting the 'barbsi' logo, and also I was able to analyze it at the end of the project to see if I could touch up and add more details to the entire thing to give it more of a girly touch to it, in order to tie in the 'barbsi' logo/appropriation concept more.

Snapshot #1

1. Artists create original art.
-think creatively
-develop original ideas

Did you use a source of inspiration, then combine it with your own ideas to make it original? 

-Answering both questions I did find a source of inspiration for this appropriation project. I saw a Barbie dollar bill, and thought maybe I should incorporate the usage of barbi in my pepsi can, to make a new, original product called 'barbsi' a meld of both Barbie and pepsi into my appropriation idea. I then colored the can like a Pepsi bottle but then used girly colors to make if more like 'barbsi'. 

2. Artists develop art making skills
-learn techniques and processes
-explore media

Did you gain skill with familiar materials? 
I think I have gained a considerable amount of skill when using paint. Considering I had to make a logo for the 'barbsi' idea, it wasn't easy painting in the letters with a brush, so I made up my own technique of dabbing paint onto the letter and defining the letter with a regular mechanical pencil, which allowed me to have much more precision on the detail of the letters and it looked much more neat than it would have if I had used only brushes to paint the logo.

4. Artists take risks 
-try new things/experiment 

Did you try something you weren't sure of at the beginning of this project?

Yes, at first I wasn't sure how to incorporate the idea of 'barbsi' but after some thought I figured out a way to make it seem feminine but also alike the pepsi soda cans themselves. I would say I took a huge risk in this project because I  started it not knowing the ability and skill I was able to have in order to make my work as detailed and neat as possible. Throughout the project I improvised by using a mechanical pencil rather than a paint brush to make the paint on the logo of 'barbsi' as neat and detailed as I liked. And I'm very satisfied with it!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bryant Holsenback

-Who is she? 

She is an environmental artist who specializes in sculpture. Also, she is able to utilize materials that are more difficult to use, such as plastic bags, metal, and fabrics. 

-What are your expectations? 

I have very open minded expectations, considering I think this type of art is really interesting.

-How do you think the project will go?

I think the project will be very fun, but I'm not sure how well my sculpture peice will turn out.

-What animal are you making, and why? 

I am choosing to make a jaguar because the body if it isn't too difficult to make, and it's also a cool looking animal in general.

I would say my favorite work of hers I have seen so far would be...

& my animal looks like... 


-How did your expectations line up?

I wasn't able to find fabric that made a leapard so instead I made it with striped cloth into an Allie Cat. I was actually really pleased with how it turned out. I thought it was going to be really bad. 

-What were some of the struggles you had with the piece and how did you work it out? 

I had a bit of a struggle with finding the right cloth and getting it to take the right form with the animals legs, so I just improvised and changed animals. 

-What were some of the successes in pieces in your art?

I was very pleased with the outcome of the face and the color of the fabric I used. I also enjoyed the elasticity of my fabric so I did not have to use yarn over my piece.

I do not have any photos in progress but here's the finished product!

Hope you enjoyed it! I sure did!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Word project!

This was for a project using words, which is pretty awesome, so there's that. 


This was for a tension project, pretty cool I'd say!