Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brick Mosaic Project

In this project me & josh picked out a picture of a shark, and then we pixelated it and drew on the brick wall with chalk. The project was okay, it wasn't that hard to do.

Picture 1: Done. :D

Oil Pastel Project.

In this project we were suppost to pick a picture of someone and then draw it with oil pastels. First we had to print out the picture, after that we graphed lines on the picture, and we also made a graph on the paper that we were drawing on with the oil pastels. Fun.

Picture 1: I'm making a graph on my picture that I will draw later.

Picture 2: Finished! xD


This picture is from when we made shadow art. We cut out figures of random objects such as paper, and junk & such, and made a shadow out of it to make a figure thats completely different than the object. hehehe jessia was here

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stencil Project

In this project we were assigned to find 3 random pictures & out of those 3 pictures we all chose one. We got 1 very long stick of wood to cut out to a certain length & nailed the 4 smaller peices of wood to make a frame. We then stapled cardboard on the back of the frame to make a canvas thingy.. we put our pictures onto projecters & then we traced them on a white sheet of paper. We cut out the outlines of the picture so their were no wondering islands & then spray painted the cutout with lots of cool colors.
Picture 1: I'm stapling the cardboard to the frame.

Picture 2: I'm adding staples to the staple gun.

Picture 3: I'm begging to spray paint.

Picture 4:

Picture 5: I'm painting white over the parts on the cardboard that should not have been spray painted.

Picture 6: I'm DONE.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Value Portrait Project.

In this project we (as a class) all had our pictures taken and were randomly assigned a person to draw their picture. We placed tracing paper over the original paper, outlined as many shapes as we could find and then we flipped the tracing paper on the opposite side that we traced the original picture on and shaded around the tracings that we mad and then placed the tracing paper onto a page in our sketchbooks and outlined the tracings so the tracings we had made rubbed onto our sketchbook paper to make it easier to draw a more accurate picture of the portrait we were given to draw. We then used the value scale we had made earlier in class and shaded the traces to make the picture seem more realistic. This picture is what the final result looked like. :D

Mud Project

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

In this project Jessica, Charlie and I traced an outline of a picture of a man on a horse (picture 1) and then poked holes through the trace of the picture. We went outside and placed the traced picture with the holes on it on the ground and then rubbed orange chalk over the holes so the outline of the picture would show through onto the sidewalk. We were suppost to be able to see a good outline of the picture, but the orange outline of the picture looked nothing like the original picture so we made due by painting mud (picture 2, jessica is getting more mud to paint on the ground with.) on the sidewalk of a unicorn, and Charlie drew a stick figure on top of the unicorn. The third picture is what it looked like when it was finished, hope you like it! :D