Thursday, April 17, 2014

Perspective Snapshot Sketch

This is my groups sketch for the perspective project. We decided to incorporate four different pictures to meld into one photo. Alaskan mountains (left), Egyptian pyramids (middle left), Beach lighthouse (middle right), and Florida beach (right). We decided to use all four photos and connected them with a continuous path in each photo. We used perspective by making the framing of the picture look as if it was coming out of the wall, and also used demension/perspective in the individual pictures themselves. I'm excited to see how it will turn out!

Time as an Element Pt. 2

Artist Create Origional Art:

-think creatively 
-develop origional ideas 

If I had to rate myself out of four in the project which used time as an element, in terms of creating origional art, I would give myself a 3.5. I think my peice is most definately origional in it's over all look, but I do think there is always room to improve on those ideas to make them even more creative. I'm definately very satisfied with how this turned out!

Artist take risks:

-try new experiences/media

If I had to rate my peice out of four, in terms of taking risks, I would give myself a 3.5. I think I took a huge risk in painting over wax which I have never done, which caused problems such as cracking, or difficulty making the gradient of dark to light smooth and consistent, but overall I think that taking that risk allowed my peice to be more creative as a whole. It also taught me to be more accepting of taking risks in my art, but also, I could always learn of better ways to take these risks to the 'next level' to improve the quality/creativity of my art even more.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Unconventional Materials Challenge

So for this project I was given the materials of an old book, I carved into it so a phone and a mirror could fit in, so my topic was fear. I incorporated this topic by writing the definition of what fear is, and incorporating that subject with school by using a book, so I wrote what the fear of school is, also I tied everything together by adding a famous quote made by FDR about fear. I used the mirror and the phone section carved into the book since if someone was afraid of school they would try to escape by going on their phone or doing their hair or makeup in class instead of doing work since they are 'afraid of school'. 

Artists have a global awareness of art making: if I had to rate myself out of four of how well I used this skill in my peice I would give myself a 3 out of 4 considering I don't know of all the ways of using a book in my unconventional materials challenge, which limited my ability to make my peice more creatively, but I'm very satisfied of how it turned out.

Artists solve problems: If I had to rate how well I solved problems in this peice I would give myself a 4, it's not perfect but I think I have overcome a lot of challenges throughout the making of this piece such as the size of the carvings for the phone peice, along with other things. I feel I overcame these problems by creating ideas that solved them much better than regular solutions.

Artists take risks: if I had to rate this element in my peice I would give myself a 4 out of 4 since I have never used a book as an element in my peice, so I would consider that a huge risk. and I feel I did the best I could in terms of the quality of the carvings in my peice for the first time.