Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finished Perspective

Artists Develop Art Making Skills: If I had to rate myself out of four in terms of how well I gained skills with familiar materials, or how well I learned new techniques and processes as a part of the work for this project I would give myself a 4 out of 4. The reason being is that I came up with the idea of using cardboard and plastic wrap (what was next to the chalk peices in the packaging) rather than using paper towels. I used the two new materials since they didn't erode away as fast as paper towels did on the brick walls, but they all gave different texture and ways of using the materials towards different techniques of maintaining that texture. For examples in the sunrise, and in the tree's leaves.

Artists Collaborate: If I had to give myself a rating out of 4 in terms of how well I shared ideas/knowledge, teach, help, and critique I would give myself a 4 out of four, I feel that I helped my group become more productive in the quality of our over all peice by adding and helping others add details or colors to provide more contrast in parts of peice. 

This project was really fun to do, and I really enjoyed working on it, especially with my group members! Hope you enjoyed it :)

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