Art 3 Final Portfolio

1. Success: Which project was your most successful. Use two of the artistic behaviors to explain your answer. Include photo

            I feel the project I was most successful in doing was the "Using Times as an Element" project. During this project I feel that I was able to create a piece unlike any other. This piece in my personal opinion I feel is very original and creative, hence one of the artistic behaviors being "artist create original art". I feel it was creative since I chose to use two types of mediums together, acrylic paint and wax. These two mediums being used together are by far not easy to maintain a very well done piece. I feel in this specific painting the mistakes I made in trying to blend the gradient better made the entire piece better. This also is another 'artistic behavior'. I feel that if it wasn't for my mistakes in the gradient of the color, it wouldn't have turned out to be the painting I love so much.

(Picture above)

2. Do over: If given the opportunity, which project would you do over? Describe why and how you would redo this project. Reasons might include choosing a different theme, using a different medium or creating a different idea completely. Include Photo.

         If I had the opportunity to re-do a project, I would choose to re-do the Word Project. The reason being which I would want to re-do the project is not because I wasn't satisfied with how the overall project turned out, it would be that I wish to explore other mediums with the Theme of this Project. I really enjoyed how it turned out with sharpie pen, but I also feel it would look really interesting if I were to try it in other mediums such as Spray Paint, or Acrylic Paint on canvas. I really look forward to trying out these ideas some day!

(Picture Below)

3. Medium: which medium did you most enjoy working with and why? Which medium did you not use but wish you had explored? Include Photo.

           If I had to choose a medium in which I enjoyed working with the most, I would choose acrylic paints. The reason being which I like acrylic paints the most is because I love painting. Out of all of the types of paints I have tried so far, I like acrylic paints the most. They are very easy to mix and make unique colors. I feel in this painting, almost all of the colors I made were original. If I had to choose of a medium which I have not used but I wish to explore, I would definitely say oil paints. I feel oil paints would work a lot smoother than acrylics, but making the colors seems more difficult. Despite it's challenges, I feel that using oil paints would be extremely fun to paint with, I can't wait!

(Photo Above)

4. Sketchbook: pick any warm-up from your sketchbook that you found beneficial, interesting or simply felt you handled it well. Describe the activity and reason for selecting it above the others. Include Photo.

If I had to chose a warm up which I found the most interesting, along with myself handling it well, I would choose this one. In this warm up I tried focusing on textures and depths. I drew a sketch and the decided to paint over it. I thought it turned out very well, and I also enjoyed making it also. I chose this warm up above the others since I feel the best about the overall result of how it turned out, I love it!


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