Friday, March 28, 2014

Time as an element

This is one of two other peices I have made by incorporating the usage of time in my peice. I first dripped hot wax down the canvas which created layering, and I changed the angle of the way the wax dripped on the canvas to have more control on how far down the wax fell on the canvas. I then painted over the wax with gradient, gradually getting lighter on this peice. It also created more texture by doing this when I painted over the wax, it melded together in a way I really love, it looks like it is cracking. I really enjoyed everything about making these peices. If I were to rate out of 4 the creativity in this peice I would give myself a 4. By my original idea I would give it a 3, but as I worked on the piece, different factors played into how the finished peice looked which I found was much more creative in how it turned out. If I were to rate the quality of this piece, I would give myself a 3 out of four. Specifically on the first peice  I didn't have as much skill with the gradient of colors than I did in my later peices. Overall I really enjoyed the outcome!

Vessel! :)

This is my vessels peice I made in Sculpture Class. I think it turned out better than I thought it would but I can always make higher quality peices after more experience with the materials (in this case I used wire) I think if I had to rate how creative I was in this I would probably give myself a 2 or a 3 since I tried to be different in the sense that making this peice wasn't entirely filled in like a regular vessel that could hold liquid would, but I do think that I could have done better in the aspect of making it more original as my own peice of art, for example I could have possibly added in extraneous things to make it more creative and colorful. If I had to rate myself on how well I would say the quality of my peice was I would give myself a 3, I think, considering my experience with wire (before this, almost none) I did better than I thought I could in the aspect of it not looking sloppy, but I also think with my experience now I could do a lot better if I were to do it again! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Illustration Friday: Space

For illustration Friday we did space for this week, I thought it was really fun to make, and I'm pleased with how this painting turned out!